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“To know Palladio, the Basilica, the Loggia del Capitanio and the others through studies is an imperfect knowledge. You have to see him in Vicenza”. (Guido Piovene)


Nothing better than this sentence makes the essence of the relationship between the city of Vicenza and its most illustrious son: Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, aka Palladio.

Born in Padua and adopted in Vicenza, the great Renaissance architect owes his fortune to his encounter with the humanist and scholar G.G. Trissino, the man who sensed the talent of the young stonemason at work in the workshop of the da Pedemuro masters and decided to invest in his training. Hence Palladio’s travels to Rome, which were fundamental to refining the taste for the classic that would inspire him throughout his career and would be crystallized both in the palaces built in the historic centre of Vicenza and in the numerous villas scattered throughout the region.

Thanks to Palladio’s remarkable production, in 1994 Vicenza was included in the UNESCO list and became a World Heritage Site for this reason: “Vicenza is an exceptional artistic achievement for the numerous architectural contributions of Andrea Palladio, which, integrated into the historical fabric, have determined its overall character. The city and Palladio’s works have also exerted a strong influence on urban planning rules and architecture in most European countries and throughout the world.

Vicenza and its artistic works 

Vicenza rhymes with Andrea Palladio, the great Renaissance architect who changed the history of architecture, so much so that he was defined “the father of architecture”. In the city it is easy to find signs of his passage: from the Palladian Basilica to the Loggia del Capitanio, from the Olympic Theatre to the picture gallery of Palazzo Chiericati, passing through Corso Palladio, the main artery of the historic center dedicated to him.

But Vicenza is not only Palladio. The Berici city preserves traces of its millenary history: medieval towers and walls, Gothic palaces, the severe style of Vincenzo Scamozzi and the baroque style of Palazzo Leoni Montanari.

Chiara Pesavento

Born in Vicenza in 1977. From my childhood I have two very clear memories that have sanctioned my encounter with art. When I was six years old, during a trip to Rome with my family, I was literally kidnapped by Michelangelo’s Pietà: I couldn’t believe that a human being could mould such beauty! Then, in the third grade, during an educational visit to Palazzo Chiericati, the guide explained in detail a picture of the art gallery making incredibly interesting what a few minutes before seemed boring and empty of meaning. I literally fell in love with his work and when I returned home, I solemnly told everyone that when I grew up I would be a tour guide.

Nobody took me seriously… but here I am!

After the classical high school I graduated from the University of Padua, I started to approach museum teaching and, in 2006, I qualified as a tour guide in English, French and Spanish. In these years I have never stopped updating myself, I like working with Italians and foreigners but also with the people of Vicenza, who often do not know our immense artistic heritage.

Why choose Vicenza

Vicenza is a shy city.

Almost overwhelmed by her older sisters, Venice and Verona, she doesn’t like to show off and is rarely heard of. She loves to surround herself with a small circle of people, just like a lady of noble birth. Like all shy people, however, she has a very rich inner world, enclosing a treasure chest that fascinates and involves those who are lucky enough to enter her world.

Various categories of people arrive in Vicenza: those who are skeptical but curious, those who have seen Palladianism in half the world and want to see with their own eyes where Andrea Palladio was formed, those who do not even know how to place Vicenza on the map, but trust the travel agency … One thing is certain: everyone, but just everyone, is fascinated by it.

Try it to believe!

Why choose me

I am convinced that the guided tour should not be an academic lesson, with lots of facts and dates pitted one after the other. I like to observe my surroundings, ask myself questions and find answers. I try to create a connection between tourists and the city, to make the signs seize, to give meaning to what flows before our eyes.

The stones speak, tell us stories often forgotten, buried in old dusty books that I love to leaf through, always in search of anecdotes, curiosities, news facts that help to make the visit a living experience.

How to get in touch with me

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